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Be approved without being committed -

simply return within 60 days and your bond will be ready to go.

* Please consider whether borrowing funds is appropriate in your financial circumstances. It is not appropriate for everyone. Whilst we assess your financial ability to repay the loan, you should consider whether borrowing is appropriate for you. Fees and charges apply.

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What is BondSure?

BondSure allows tenants to pay their rental bond over fortnightly or monthly instalments and helps protect against property damage and extra cleaning with bond insurance.

BondSure takes away the financial obstacle of an upfront bond payment, with the option of protecting the bond with insurance. It enables renters to better manage other upfront costs associated with renting, whilst maximising the potential of recovering the full bond back at the end of the tenancy.

BondSure’s rental bond loans cater for bonds of up to $5,000 and tenancies of 6 or 12 months, with the bond being repaid by fortnightly or monthly repayments.

Even if there are claims on the insurance for property damage and extra cleaning costs, subject to a small excess, tenants receive the full bond back from the tenancy authority, if there have been no breaches of the lease, having paid off the loan.

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Be approved without being committed

Getting pre-approved typically takes about 5 minutes and offers a fast alternative to tenants paying the bond upfront in one payment.

If pre-approved online, simply return within 60 days and your bond will be ready to go!

Just have your real estate agent insert the property ID code when you sign the lease and we send the agent the bond money. It’s as simple as that!

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A typical BondSure bond loan looks like this:

You’re looking to rent a new property that costs $500 per week. Most rental properties require four weeks rent as a bond which in this case comes to a whopping $2,000! BondSure can cover your bond with a simple loan covered by bond insurance paid back over the lease period.

Here’s how it works

x $210.43
= $2,525.16
total repayment

Plus an initial fee of $175
(APR 16.5%, Comparison Rate 31.56%)


Assumes a $2,000 bond, a 12 months repayment period, the bond insurance only and the full bond being refunded at the end of the lease without an insurance claim. The total loan is $2,316.62, after payment of fees of $175 on Day 1. The interest rate is APR of 16.5% (Comparison Rate is 31.56). WARNING: This and other comparison rates are true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

What our customers are saying:

Just want to say thank you to BondSure. Getting a new place is exciting until you realise you have to give 4 weeks bond. I will absolutely use them again, no more stress with where I would get the money for bond thing. Oh! And the application takes literally 5min. Amazing!!!

Vanessa was approved for a rental bond loan in NSW
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