Have you just settled into your apartment? Are you a hoarder? Or do you just need a big clean out? Whatever your motivation, trying to minimise the clutter in your home is no easy feat. However, once you remove all the excess that’s building up in your home, your living spaces may feel refreshed and renewed.

Get motivated!

What is it that makes you want to declutter? Do you want to locate you keys quickly in the morning? Do you want to use your desk again without being surrounded by piles of paperwork? Whatever it is, once you have a reason that motivates you, you’ll find the process a lot easier.

Start small

The best way to start is to start small. Choose an area in your home that can be decluttered without dedicating a whole day to it. The bathroom is always a good place to start because it’s not usually an emotional room that contains objects of sentimental value. Start by going through each drawer one at a time and tossing out all the empty bottles, expired medicine and anything you don’t use anymore.

Develop a process

Have a method that you want to follow when you’re decluttering. A very common tip is to divide the clutter into three categories – “keep”, “donate/recycle” and “storage”.

Be honest

Most of the items we keep in our wardrobe don’t get as much use as we like. The problem is that the wardrobe can be quite a sentimental place. There may be items that remind you of certain things, events or people, and it can be quite hard to throw those things away.

A good rule is to only keep things that fit you now, trying not to dwell on the past or the future. If something hasn’t been worn in the past year, chances are, you won’t wear it again.

Use storage bins

If you’re the type that finds it very hard to throw things out, buy storage units to keep sentimental and nostalgic items in order. This way, you can still tidy up and keep them out of the way but retrieve them whenever you like.

Avoid re-cluttering

Once you’ve seen what clutter-free space looks like, this should be your biggest deterrent to bringing unnecessary things into your life. Avoid impulse buys, and remember the value of small, regular cleanouts to maintain your organised spaces.

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