Paying your bond upfront can be pretty disheartening – you’re parting with a large sum of money that you could use elsewhere.

If your tenancy is between 6 and 12 months and the bond is no more than $5,000, you may qualify for a rental bond loan from BondSure. The bond money loan can be repaid either fortnightly or monthly and the application process is simple and quick.

For a two-bedroom apartment leasing for $750 a week, that’s a $3000 bond you will avoid having to pay upfront. Here’s a few ideas around what you could do with $3,000 if you take advantage of a BondSure bond loan:

Buy furniture for your new place

BondSure was designed to help put some of the fun back into renting. Renting is not going to be much fun if you don’t have the furniture you need!

A lounge, sofa and new bed could all be covered by the savvy shopper for $3,000 or less.

Go Skiing on a BondSure Sponsored Holiday

Go to the snow

Escape the big city and go on a ski holiday at Perisher or Thredbo. $3,000 is more than enough to cover a long weekend at the snow, along with gear hire, lavish meals and buckets of mulled wine.

Pay off your credit card

Assuming your credit card charges are larger than what BondSure charges, which is likely to be the case, using $3,000 to pay down your credit card debt could be a very smart move.

Moving costs and living expenses

It’s often very stressful to move residences, but can be less so if you have help. Consider hiring helpers and a truck with the $3,000 you have avoided paying up front.

With the money left over you could buy those expensive textbooks for university, new work clothes or put the money towards living expenses.

To make sure you get your bond back, BondSure also gives renters the option to protect their bond against accidental damage and additional cleaning charges.

With a bond loan and bond insurance from BondSure, you have new options to do as you wish with your bond money and can rest easier at night knowing your bond is protected against common claims.

Apply now for a rental bond loan in Adelaide, NSW, Vic, Qld, ACT, Tasmania, NT or WA.